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#89 NTA exclusion in fullCopy excludes wrong children gorel defect blocker jastadd2
#70 Inherited equations lacking a return statement are compiled without error gorel defect critical jastadd2
#74 Duplicate TypeDecls added in AST gorel defect critical jastaddj
#84 Comment with semicolon before import stmt causes compile error gorel defect critical jastadd2
#115 Improved error messages for multiple declarations gorel enhancement critical jastadd2
#2 Documentation files in JastAdd2 and JastAdd3 directories gorel enhancement major jastadd2
#3 Refactorisation of JastAdd Test cases niklas enhancement major jastadd2
#10 Move RagDoll to jastadd main repo jesper task major ragdoll
#11 Relative path to RagDoll documentation jesper enhancement major ragdoll
#14 Declaredat path for *.ast files jesper defect major ragdoll
#15 Implemented Abstract Methods in Enums gorel defect major jastaddj
#16 EnumInstanceExpr treated as constant gorel defect major jastaddj
#17 Move JJ7 to JastAdd main repo gorel defect major jastaddj
#20 Unescaped paths in generated strings gorel defect major jastadd2
#21 Rewrite.aspectName returns file name gorel defect major jastadd2
#24 Production in node doc comments jesper defect major ragdoll
#25 Base file name in declaredat tags for AST grammar files jesper defect major ragdoll
#26 Enum Abstract Methods gorel defect major jastaddj
#29 AssertStmt children do not follow the usual naming convention gorel defect major jastaddj
#44 Extra throws clause in default constructor gorel defect major jastaddj
#45 Variable arity constructor lookup in anonymous class gorel defect major jastaddj
#46 Importing a class declared in the same java file gorel defect major jastaddj
#49 insertChild and removeChild do not update childIndex jesper defect major jastadd2
#50 Annotation elements get confused with methods inherited from java.lang.Object gorel defect major jastaddj
#51 Type analysis error for Conditional Expression emma defect major jastaddj
#52 Accessing protected member of common superclass in inner class jesper defect major jastaddj
#60 Illegal Constant Pool entries generated from wildcard access gorel defect major jastaddj
#63 Extraneous method accessors generated gorel defect major jastaddj
#64 Final non-static fields lacking ConstantValue attribute gorel defect major jastaddj
#65 Reachability error in try statement due to statement nesting gorel defect major jastaddj
#66 Incorrect unboxing of primitive types in enhanced for code gen gorel defect major jastaddj
#67 Definite assignment error for assert statement gorel defect major jastaddj
#68 Missing ACC_VARARGS flag for variable arity constructors gorel defect major jastaddj
#69 Refine on Interface method gorel defect major jastadd2
#76 Unicode escape sequences in documentation comments gorel defect major jastadd2
#77 fullCopy copies NTA children gorel defect major jastadd2
#78 Synthesized attribute without equation should generate abstract method gorel defect major jastadd2
#80 Duplicate value map methods generated gorel defect major jastadd2
#82 getNumXNoTransform gorel enhancement major jastadd2
#83 Static import gorel defect major jastadd2
#85 Code generation fails for accessor method gorel defect major jastaddj
#86 NPE in ParTypeMethod substitution gorel defect major jastaddj
#87 Annotation on generic method gorel defect major jastaddj
#88 JastAddJ buggy with JastAdd2 R20121026 gorel defect major jastaddj
#96 Possible incorrect initialization in default constructor gorel defect major jastadd2
#97 Classpath of running JVM added to -classpath gorel defect major jastaddj
#99 Package-class name conflicts on case-insensitive systems gorel defect major jastaddj
#103 Add bootstrapping test job in Jenkins gorel task major jastadd2
#106 Remove AspectJ dependencies gorel enhancement major jastadd2
#109 Children not initialized for jjtree default constructor gorel defect major jastadd2
#111 Test selective caching gorel task major jastadd2
#112 Parameterized NTA value list does not include null values gorel defect major jastadd2
#113 Accessing null element when rewrites are enabled gorel defect major jastadd2
#114 NTA internal value list should reset during flushCache gorel defect major jastadd2
#117 Allow multiple equivalent inherited attribute declarations gorel defect major jastadd2
#118 Reference to ASTDecl in multiple syn eq error message gorel defect major jastadd2
#5 Old NTA syntax requires the --rewrite flag gorel defect minor jastadd2 2.0
#12 FullCopy object should have null as parent gorel defect minor jastadd2
#31 Adapt FlowAnalysis emma enhancement minor flow analysis
#62 JastAdd2 returns non-zero when run with --version or --help options gorel enhancement minor jastadd2
#92 Duplicate child initialization gorel performance minor jastadd2
#95 Set initial size for child array gorel performance minor jastadd2
#37 JastAddJ returns non-zero when called with -version or -help gorel defect trivial jastaddj
#38 Make JastAddJ -version output brief gorel task trivial jastaddj
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