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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Component Version
#72 Old NTA syntax requires lazy new defect critical jastadd2
#4 JastAdd error: Object in .ast file new defect major jastadd2
#6 Old NTA containg new NTA + circular attribute => loop new defect major jastadd2
#8 Inherited attributes not checked for subclasses new defect major jastadd2
#9 Add tickets for bugs reported in the old bugzilla new task major general
#13 Exception handling for constructors with type parameters new defect major jastaddj
#18 Error in conditional expression type analysis new defect major jastaddj
#19 Non-raw type treated as raw type new defect major jastaddj
#22 Error in method type signatures new defect major jastaddj
#23 Duplicate method name & signature new defect major jastaddj
#27 Method Lookup for Type Variables Causes Error new defect major jastaddj
#30 Local class bytecode generation new defect major jastaddj
#41 Conflicting single static import new defect major jastaddj
#42 Abstract node types declare fullCopy new defect major jastadd2
#54 More descriptive field access error message new defect major jastaddj
#55 Compiler crash on android-2.7.3_r1 new defect major jastaddj
#56 ConditionalExpr type error new defect major jastaddj
#58 Calling a refined method within the body of the new method new defect major jastadd2
#59 Conflicting constructors in generic class new defect major jastaddj
#61 LazyMaps error new defect major jastadd2
#73 Accessing type without qualifiers or import new defect major jastaddj
#79 Inherited equation for NTA child new defect major jastadd2
#90 Don't generate compute methods new performance major jastadd2
#91 Iterative evaluation for inherited attributes new performance major jastadd2
#93 Remove child array new performance major jastadd2
#94 Don't store Opt nodes in child array new performance major jastadd2
#98 Empty list singleton new performance major jastadd2
#101 Option to change implicit node names new enhancement major jastadd2
#102 Custom implementation of implicit node types new enhancement major jastadd2
#104 Refactor source tree structure new task major jastadd2
#105 Annotations for inter-type declarations new defect major jastadd2
#107 Custom superclass for ASTNode new enhancement major jastadd2
#108 Clean up JastAdd2 package tree new enhancement major jastadd2
#110 Test inheritance and attribute value caches new task major jastadd2
#116 ComponentCheck code gen errors new defect major jastadd2
#7 Multiple tree roots to search for contributions new defect minor jastadd2 2.0
#39 Improved generics support new defect minor jastadd2
#43 Imperative transformations of the AST new enhancement minor jastaddj
#47 [refactoring] Remove AnonymousDecl rewrite new enhancement minor jastaddj
#57 Retain comments in AST new enhancement minor jastaddj
#71 Caching of lazy inherited attribute values during equation lookup new performance minor jastadd2
#75 addSourceFile should return the added CU new enhancement minor jastaddj
#81 Illegal character sequence causes ugly error message new defect trivial jastadd2
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